Learn Spanish easy
with remote teaching!


Welcome to Espanol Easy.

Hola, my name is Susana and I am a native Spaniard that has been teaching Spanish for more than 10 years.

Although I studied English language, I ended up teaching Spanish and loving it. In my classes, I use the same method that I myself used to be completely fluent in English, and in less than a year.

In our lessons, you will be able to choose what you want to learn that day and what do you need. I am totally flexible and adaptable.

I base my lessons on a “grammar free” approach and concentrate on conversation. I will explain any doubts you have, and we will have a fun and easy time learning Spanish.

I have taught a range of people from kids as young as 6 years old up to adults in their 70’s.


How We teach

Our style...

  • One to one conversational lessons
  • Have a relaxing time while you learn
  • Friendly approach
  • Video Backgrounds
  • Site stats

What to expect...

  • GCSE exam preparation
  • A level exam preparation
  • Improvement of comprehension oral and written
  • Domain names & professional email

Group Lessons

£ 10 per hour/pp. Min 3
  • Conversation

Individual Lesson

£ 25 per hour
  • Conversation
  • Listening
  • Writing

Intensive Course

£ 150 10 lessons
  • Exam Preparation
  • Listening & Speaking
  • Writting & Reading

Say Hola!

Phone: + 447956034987
Email: hola@espanoleasy.com
MON-FRI 09:00 - 16:00 (Spain GMT)